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At Progressive Wellness, we are dedicated to providing you with a holistic approach to healthcare that addresses your unique needs and empowers you to achieve optimal well-being.

The Progressive Wellness Clinic

Our clinic offers a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to your individual health goals. Step into our inviting space and experience personalized care like never before. Our private exam rooms ensure your comfort and privacy during consultations, allowing our experienced medical professionals to delve into your health history and concerns.

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In-House IV Lounge

One of our standout features is our state-of-the-art In-House IV Lounge, where you can revitalize your body with nourishing intravenous treatments that support hydration, immune function, and overall vitality. Our licensed medical staff administers these treatments in a relaxing environment, ensuring your utmost safety and comfort.

On-Site Diagnostic Testing

To provide you with accurate insights into your health, we offer On-Site Diagnostic Testing. Our advanced testing capabilities allow us to uncover underlying factors contributing to your well-being, enabling us to tailor our treatments to your precise needs.

Dexa Body Composition

For those seeking a deeper understanding of their body composition, our clinic proudly presents Dexa Body Composition testing. This cutting-edge technology provides a comprehensive analysis of your body's composition, including muscle mass, bone density, and fat distribution. This information is crucial for crafting targeted wellness plans that lead you toward your health and fitness aspirations.

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Take the First Step of Your Journey Today

At Progressive Wellness, we understand that health is a dynamic journey, and we are committed to being your partners in achieving lasting well-being. While this is just a glimpse into our offerings, we look forward to evolving with you on your path to greater vitality. Stay tuned as we continue to expand and enhance our services to provide you with the best in integrative and functional medicine. Your wellness is our priority.

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